Spec Sheets

Exhibition Components include:

  • Artifacts, facsimiles, and props; some object rotations or replacements may occur during the run of the tour and NMAJH will secure loan renewals for each venue dependent on the venue’s facility conditions
  • Cases and mounts for all artifacts, including extra gaskets, security screws and bits, and case hygrothermographs
  • Graphic panels, text panels, and artifact labels; NMAJH can also provide design files for venues that wish to produce their own panels
  • AV hardware and housing:
    • (6) tablets and headphones for film viewing stations
    • (1) 37” monitor for player database interactive
    • Hardware components for gameplay interactive
    • (2) ipods and headphones for a listening station
    • DVD of environmental film loops (venue to provide monitor or projectors)
  • Gallery table and seating

Additional mini-exhibitions available: (Venue will be responsible for climate-controlled storage of any components that are not installed)

  • Baseball card collection, casework, and text for ~160 Jewish players
  • Sandy Koufax pitching interactive, including a pitching mound, original Koufax jersey installed in a case, replica Koufax jerseys, TV monitor and film loop, and graphic panels (requires a dedicated 48 linear feet)

Venue to provide:

  • Electrical and data connections
  • Projectors or monitors for 2 atmospheric film loops (optional)
  • Desiccant and pollutant scavenger for cases
  • Gallery preparation (paint, lighting, etc)
  • NMAJH courier travel expenses and per diem for install and deinstall
  • Professional staff (either Museum staff or art handlers) to assist NMAJH courier with condition reports and artifact install; venue staff will be responsible for installing casework, graphic and text panels, and AV equipment
  • Curator travel costs for exhibition-related programing or docent training

Additional materials included: Press materials (including a selection of high resolution images and the template of a news release); educational materials.

  • Size: Minimum 2,000 square feet for the artifact exhibition, plus additional space as noted for mini-exhibitions (which are optional); NMAJH staff will work with the hosting venue to arrange the exhibition for venues with less than 2000 square feet.
  • Security: Routine surveillance while facility is open to the public, staff, or special groups and events; daily walk-throughs with an artifact checklist
  • Storage: Crates to be stored in a climate-controlled, safe place throughout the rental period, with no exposure to mold, mildew, or dust. If shipping materials are damaged or develop mold or mildew after receipt at Borrower’s venue, Borrower will supply, at its sole expense, appropriate replacement packing and shipping materials.
  • Rental fee: $50,000 for Exhibition Components and mini-exhibitions. Borrower also pays for shipping (1-way if traveling to another venue, round-trip if returning to the National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia).
  • Insurance: Venues to provide proof of $10.5 million in insurance coverage.

For further information, please contact:
National Museum of American Jewish History
101 South Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
tel. 215-923-3811 x 1142 curatorial@nmajh.org