Hot Dogs. Homeruns. And heartbreaks.

Chasing Dreams celebrates baseball and the many fans, players, and characters who helped shape our American story.  Every triumph and defeat, every hero on and off the field, has become another chapter in the history we all share. And for immigrants and minority groups especially, it has played a crucial role in understanding, and sometimes challenging, what it means to be American.
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As a complement to the groundbreaking exhibition Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American, we have created a companion book perfect for any coffee table or library.

Hank Greenberg Leaping for a Baseball

Summer Cinema Series

Join us throughout baseball season for a cinema series filled with baseball classics, documentaries, and family films that examine, commemorate, and celebrate America’s love of the game.


Talkin' Baseball

MLB owners, executives, and fans sat down with the Chasing Dreams team to share memories, stories of heroes, and the meaning of baseball in their lives. Laugh, cry, and reminisce with them here.